New Zealand with its unparalleled natural beauty is a playground abundant with opportunities. It is a very friendly and safe country extending a warm welcome to all. You can know more about study, work and settle, living cost, tourist spots and more below.

The pace of life at New Zealand is very relaxed. You can enjoy everything its ever pulsating cities have to offer. You can choose your own enjoyment and entertainment like theatre, film, music, dance or just chill around with friends at pubs, restaurants and cafes. There are many beaches, parks, walk trails, cycle tracks and most cities are very thinly populated so no crowded feeling. Also less people and less traffic makes commuting very easy.

New Zealand education system is very supportive and flexible, imparting the students with necessary skills and experience that guarantees success everywhere. The mixed and cosmopolitan cultural background helps the students to mix nicely with people from different race and creed. They talk English, walk English and become English by just living here.

In New Zealand they believe that the student should get what they have paid for – relevant and good qualification. Governmental Agencies constantly monitor quality at every level of education. Some of the monitoring techniques are mentioned below:

  • NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) - ensuring that NZ Education is recognized anywhere and everywhere in the world as a creditable ensuring that even the qualifications offered by secondary schools and non-university tertiary institutions are regarded around the world as credible and robust.
  • Education Review Office's primary task is to monitor the quality and lend support to students.
  • The Education Ministry responsible for development of education goals and setting the course-structure for schools.
  • Universities New Zealand, supervising all eight NZ universities provide the highest quality of education.
All in all, the New Zealand education system regulated by NZ Government and monitored under high standards of quality thus ensuring that the students will not have worry about securing jobs/careers in the global market. The Global Employers are aware of this and appreciate the skills, capabilities and creativity of NZ educated students. So for a NZ graduate the choices are vast and secured.

As a student you can work 20 hours while studying and gain NZ experience while giving much required financial independence.

While working at NZ, you experience and learn teamwork and punctuality. You also develop communication skills and English proficiency. You can strike a balance between your work and study so that you gain the best of both.

There are ample opportunities for temporary, casual and part-time work in the varied range of New Zealand industries. Even some institutions offer teaching jobs and of course, you can always do voluntary work to boost your resume. There is an organization called Job Search (Students) which will assist you in finding relevant jobs. They also help you in how to win an interview or write an impressive resume. Your previous work experience can also help you.


Diplomas/Certificates: From $12,000 to S20,000.

Bachelor’s degree: From about $22,000 to $32,000. You can get some Bachelor degree in 3 years.

Postgraduate degree: From about $26,000 to $37,000. (Depending on the course, it can be higher).

PhDs: From about $6,000 to $10,000. The fees for domestic and International students for Doctorate are same.

Evidence that you have adequate funds to cover your living expenses as a student is a must for your Student Visa application. If you are sponsored or have earned a scholarship then this would not be necessary.

The requirement of funds is $15,000 for one year or more. If your course duration is less than a year then you need $1250 per month for the total duration. This is towards your ability to support yourself while studying. The cost of living varies from city to city and is also dependent on your lifestyle. Commuting cost may be higher in Auckland, Christchurch.

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