British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers three different ways to become a permanent resident (PR) in British Columbia. The pathway one can choose depends on one’s employment history, skill level (based on National Occupation Classification), or through international student status.

The three different pathways to apply for the British Columbia PNP are as follows:

Skills Immigration

  • This program is mainly for semi-skilled and skilled workers who are in high-demand in British Columbia.
  • It is based on a point-based invitation system.
  • There are some categories which may not require prior work experience but skilled workers with work experience from abroad are eligible to apply.
  • Work experience is needed for entry-level and semi-skilled category applicants.
  • International graduates from Canadian colleges and universities do not require any work experience depending on the job offer given.

Express Entry visa

  • Express Entry visa is the fastest way for skilled workers to get eligibility to immigrate to British Columbia.
  • Express Entry Eligibility dictates that one must also be qualified for the federal economic immigration program.
  • This program is a point-based invitation system. It is a totally web-based registration and application process for both permanent residency process and the British Columbia Province Nominee Program.
  • For this program, applicant does not require British Columbia work experience.
  • Applicant must have a relevant work experience and should meet other criteria such as education, language etc.

Entrepreneur Immigration

  • Entrepreneur Immigration is for Entrepreneurs and high net worth business holders who can invest and actively manage a business in British Columbia.
  • This is also a point-based system and applicants should have the required personal and investment funds.
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