Close to 150,000 international students from all over the world come to Canada each year to obtain a high-quality post-secondary education. Canada’s generous immigration policy allows the spouse and minor children of international students to accompany them to Canada to work and study. By gaining a Canada Visa, the student’s entire close family can benefit from a Canadian experience.

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The spouse of an international student may apply for an open work permit. Rules for Spouse Visa in Canada state that the student must be studying full-time at:
  • A public post-secondary institution; or
  • A private post-secondary institution that operates under the same rules and regulations as a public institution and receives half of its overall operations budget from government grants; or
  • A private institution authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees.
An open work permit allows the holder to work for any employer in Canada and does not require a Labour Market Opinion or job offer. The work permit will usually have the same period of validity as the study permit. However, the open work permit may exclude certain occupations in which the protection of public health is essential unless the applicant undergoes an immigration medical examination.

In this way, not only can the spouses or partners of international students gain valuable Canadian work experience, but also can help support their families financially.


Any person under the age of majority is considered to be a minor child. The age of majority varies by province. In Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, the age of majority is 18, while in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon it is 19.

Minor children who are already in Canada with at least one parent who is allowed to work or study in Canada do not require a study permit to attend school at the pre-school, primary, or secondary levels. However, once the child reaches the age of majority in their province, he or she must apply for a study permit to continue their studies in Canada.

The Process

  • An international student may bring his or her dependents to Canada by one of two routes.
  • One possible route is for the student and dependent family members to submit their visa applications concurrently. Another option is for the student to wait until he/she has received a study permit, and then submit applications for his or her accompanying dependents.
  • When applying for a study permit, information must be provided for all family members that will be accompanying the student to Canada. In order for their application to be approved, the student and his or her family will have to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support their stay in Canada. In addition, applicants may be required to undergo a medical examination and submit Police Clearance Certificates.
  • Depending on the applicants’ country of citizenship, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) may be required in addition to any study or work permits.
  • A spouse or common-law partner who plans to work while in Canada has the option to apply for his or her Open Work Permit before entering the country, upon arrival to Canada, or after entering the country.
  • Oftentimes, minor children entering Canada may receive a visitor record, even if the child will be studying in Canada. This is because minor children in Canada may study at the pre-school, primary or secondary levels without needing to secure a study permit.

The Conclusion

Canada’s commitment to family unification means that international students and their families have the opportunity to experience Canadian life together. Whether it is for a few months or for several years, international students will be comforted to know that their loved ones can be nearby as they pursue their dreams of obtaining a Canadian education.

Canada is home to some of the most distinguished colleges and universities in the world. Aside from putting money into the Canadian economy while studying, many international students remain in Canada after graduation and become valuable members of our workforce and general society.

It is only natural that the Canadian Government has established generous laws that allow them to stay close to their families and feel welcome in their new home.

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Saskatchewan’s Provincial Nominee Program (SINP) offers immigration with a Provincial Canada PR visa. Saskatchewan immigration nominee program has different categories to live and work in Canada province. Saskatchewan in Canada is one of the most famous immigration destinations in Canada. The policies and rules followed under this immigration program can change according to the provincial government’s decision or by IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) and the federal government of Canada.
  • For SINP stream candidates who come under these categories can apply for this program: the skilled workers, international skilled workers, and international graduates.
  • SINP is one of the fastest immigration programs who nominates candidates from all over the globe under federal government of Canada. Through the express entry for Canada the immigrants and families can easily migrate within a few months.
  • In comparison to the other PNP programs, SINP offers fast processing time.
  • The Saskatchewan PNP is operated by Western province of Saskatchewan. Here are some of the streams which come under SINP program.
  1. International Skilled Worker Category:This category is for the skilled workers abroad who want to live and work in Saskatchewan.
  2. Saskatchewan Experience Category: This category is for the foreign nationals who are currently living and working in Saskatchewan.
  3. Entrepreneur Category: This category is for the entrepreneurs who plan to start a business in Saskatchewan.
  4. Farm Category: This category is for the experienced farmers who plan to operate and buy a farm in Saskatchewan.
  • SINP accepts applicants throughout the year under each sub-category.
  • The applications get selected according to the demand of Saskatchewan’s labor market.
  • The basis of factors such as age, education, experience, and language etc. gets evaluated and the applicants are given points on the basis of these credentials. For the Saskatchewan express entry you need to showcase all the documents for SINP nomination.
  • To be eligible for SINP PR visa, a minimum of 60 points are to be scored out of total 100. For immigration, the Canada immigration points are important and a minimum of 67 points as a federal skilled worker is necessary for migrating.
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The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) selects their candidates for immigration to Canada based on the specific economic needs of the province. There are four main streams of MPNP.

The main streams are:

  1. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
  2. Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
  3. International Education Stream
  4. Business Investor Stream

Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

  • The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream (SWO) includes both Express Entry for Canada stream and a direct provincial stream.
  • The SWO stream is aimed at international skilled workers who have skills and are listed in Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations.
  • Applicants and spouses with close family connections are given priority, plus the language proficiency, experience and training help to find jobs quickly.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

  • The Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream (SWM) is mainly based on the specific needs of Manitoba employers.
  • In this program, employers select foreign-trained workers with the required skills and nominate them for Canada immigration and PR.
  • With two pathways to Manitoba immigration, this stream prioritizes candidates with a strong attachment to Manitoba.

International Education Stream

  • This program is dedicated to International graduates from colleges and universities of Manitoba.
  • Under International Education Stream program, the candidate can apply directly for an MPNP nomination and hence they do not require to work for six months in their field before applying for a Manitoba PNP nomination. This is a strict rule to be followed for Manitoba express entry.

Business Investor Stream

  • This stream is aimed at qualified International investors and entrepreneurs. Willing to start a business in the province.
  • Initially, a temporary work permit is issued to the candidates. They must have the ability and intent to start or purchase a business in Manitoba Canada within arrival of two years.
  • There are different pathways for entrepreneurs and for farm investors.
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Express Entry Canada

Express Entry program is one of the most popular programs of Canadian immigration. It is a new system for managing Canada’s immigration applications for several other immigration programs including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, and Federal Skilled Trades.
  • People who are interested in immigrating to Canada and to live and work has to meet the criteria for at least one of these immigration programs. They can formally express their interest by creating an Express Entry profile and can become a permanent resident of Canada.
  • The Express Entry program works on a point-based Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The candidate will have to score accordingly to sustain in the pool with others and this score will determine the candidate's rank within the pool.
  • Candidates with the highest ranking score will then be sent an invitation to apply (ITA) to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.
  • The CRS scores will be assessed based on the express entry criteria of a candidate's Express Entry profile and rank them accordingly.
  1. Their education
  2. Skills
  3. Work experience
  4. Language abilities
  5. And other elements that help migrants flourish in Canada.
All these things are mandatory for Canada express entry eligibility. If any of these things are missing, then it leads to disqualification of the candidate.
  • The fastest way to get a permanent resident for Canada is via the new Canada Express Entry system.
  • Express Entry program is entirely online, and makes the Canadian immigration process extremely efficient for qualified candidates from across the world. Through the Canada immigration express entry a number of immigrants are able to easily migrate within a few months.
  • The PR applications submitted via Express Entry are processed in six months or less.
  • Official Express Entry draws are held where top candidates with higher ranking scores are issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian residency.
  • After an ITA is issued, applicants have 60 days to submit their application for Canadian PR.
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Quebec – Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Quebec is a province which has its own rules to select its immigrants, they want immigrants who will adapt well to live there. Quebec has a different assessing system. The province has a special agreement with Government of Canada on immigration. If an applicant wants to migrate to Quebec then he/she has to qualify under the different criteria mentioned by the Quebec government. For the work permit visa there are a few rules that need to be followed.
Here, below we have mentioned a few of them:
  • Applicant must first get a Certificat de sélection du Québec (Québec selection certificate or CSQ) before applying for PR.
  • To qualify for CSQ the applicant must score enough points based on different factors such as education, occupation, language skills etc.
  • Unmarried / Single applicant must score at least 50 points (based on the points system) at Quebec immigration processing time.
  • Married/with the spouse or with common-law partner applicant must score at least 59 points (based on the points system). It is mandatory for a Quebec skilled worker to score the minimum points as a qualification for entry in Quebec.
Mentioned below are the selection factors for Quebec express entry system:
Factors Points
Age up to    16 points
Education up to    14 points
Work Experience up to    8 points
Language up to    22 points
Spouse up to    8 points
Children up to    8 points
Area of training up to    12 points
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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers three different ways to become a permanent resident (PR) in British Columbia. The pathway one can choose depends on one’s employment history, skill level (based on National Occupation Classification), or through international student status.

The three different pathways to apply for the British Columbia PNP are as follows:

Skills Immigration

  • This program is mainly for semi-skilled and skilled workers who are in high-demand in British Columbia.
  • It is based on a point-based invitation system.
  • There are some categories which may not require prior work experience but skilled workers with work experience from abroad are eligible to apply.
  • Work experience is needed for entry-level and semi-skilled category applicants.
  • International graduates from Canadian colleges and universities do not require any work experience depending on the job offer given.

Express Entry visa

  • Express Entry visa is the fastest way for skilled workers to get eligibility to immigrate to British Columbia.
  • Express Entry Eligibility dictates that one must also be qualified for the federal economic immigration program.
  • This program is a point-based invitation system. It is a totally web-based registration and application process for both permanent residency process and the British Columbia Province Nominee Program.
  • For this program, applicant does not require British Columbia work experience.
  • Applicant must have a relevant work experience and should meet other criteria such as education, language etc.

Entrepreneur Immigration

  • Entrepreneur Immigration is for Entrepreneurs and high net worth business holders who can invest and actively manage a business in British Columbia.
  • This is also a point-based system and applicants should have the required personal and investment funds.
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