TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) is the most popular English language proficiency exam accepted at North American universities. TOEFL is designed to tests the international students’ usage and understanding of North American English. The TOEFL test is administered and developed by Educational Testing Service (ETS), they set the questions, conducts the test, and sends each examinee the score report.

  • Usually, students don’t know how to choose between IELTS or TOEFL, as universities abroad ask for any of these exam scores.
  • If you are applying to universities in US and Canada, TOEFL should be your first choice as the syllabus is designed to test your understanding of North-American English.
  • For rest of the countries, IELTS is usually more preferred exam especially in the UK and Australia but TOEFL is also accepted.
  • The test is conducted around the year with more than 50 test dates available per year. You can retake the test as many times as you wish, but to take a re-test you have to wait for a 12-day period after attempting the first test.
 TOEFL Exam Pattern
  • TOEFL exam pattern is as follow - four sections namely, Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.
  • The total score is the sum of the scores of the four skill areas.
  • For calculating TOEFL scores, both human raters and automated scoring methods are used. This is done in order to offer a complete and accurate picture of the candidate’s ability.
  • While the automated scoring method has the advantage of being unbiased, it does not measure the effectiveness of the language and content.
  • Human raters are required to attend to a wider variety of features, such as the quality of ideas and content as well as form.
  • You will receive an email when your scores are available, which would be 10 days after your test date.
  • The validity of TOEFL scores are for two years and can be sent to other higher education institutions during that time.
If you need professional guidance to ensure you have some advantage in TOEFL exam preparation, then enrolling for a TOEFL coaching center is the better option.

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