14th Aug, 2018 PR Visa, Canada

Canada offers its students a variety of programs that permits students to apply for Permanent Residency after they have accomplished their studies successfully.

Below are some of the programs that are offered to students for Permanent Residency (PR):

1) Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry):

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the ways to Permanent Residence. You should apply through the Express Entry System to be considered for the CEC.

Top ranking candidates are picked in the Express Entry pool, and are given an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence. So as to apply you should meet the base necessities, have Skilled Work Experience, and meet the language ability requirements.

Following are the requirements you must follow:
  • Plan to live and work outside of province Quebec
  • There is no set educational prerequisite for the CEC. In order to earn more points for your education you need:
  1. A Canadian High school or post-secondary certificate, diploma, or degree, OR
  2. An accomplished foreign credential and an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) evaluation from an agency accepted by CIC.
  • Ought to have no less than one year of work experience = 1560 hours in Canada within 3 years of the Canada Immigration visa application date.
  • If the student has worked part time in the job, then he/she has to complete the same amount of hours which is equal to 1,560 hours on the job to be eligible in past 3 years before you apply.
  • Work experience should meet 0, A and B category of the NOC- National Occupational Classification.
  • Should meet the base level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for NOC B occupations or the base language level of CLB Level 7 for NOC 0 and A.

2) Quebec Experience Class (PEQ):

The Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is a fast-tracked program for qualifying representatives, which permits individuals to obtain a selection certificate from Quebec with a view to gaining permanent residence. This program is proposed for Quebec graduates or future graduates.

Following conditions must be satisfied for a Quebec Selection Certificate:
  • Have the goal of settling in Quebec to hold a job
  • Have acquired a degree or diploma from an educational institution recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education
  • Have lived in Quebec for at least half of the period of your study program
  • Be at least 18 years old and have a valid passport, if you are submitting your application from Quebec.
  • Verification from student side must be given whether he/she has achieved the advanced intermediate level of french course at were he/she studies at Quebec Educational Institute, if his or her
  • studies were not finished in French. Or prove French ability by way of a standardized language test accepted by the government of Quebec.
  • There are several language tests approved by Quebec Immigration and they are:
  1. TEF
  2. TEFaQ
  3. TCF
  4. TCFQ

3) Provincial Nominee Program:

  • Overseas students who have studied Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctorate courses in provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are appropriate to apply under this program.
  • Several provinces would require a work experience or job offer where the degree was obtained, however, others may do not. In PNP Program students have to apply individually to Province before applying to Federal government. Getting nominated under Province awards nominees 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.
  • A provincial nomination ensures that candidate gets an Invitation to Apply (ITA) at consecutive draw from the pool.
  • The CRS is a score out of 1200 allotted to Express Entry candidates. In every round of Express Entry draws these 600 additional benefit points would ensure that the candidate would get an ITA. Under this program overseas students can obtain their permanent residency faster than any other program.