8th Oct, 2018 Visitor Visa, Canada

The new immigrants have to look after a number of things before finally shifting to a new city. On a number of factors like that of household income, employment rates, transportation, house rent, city population growth and violent crimes the choice of living in a city is being judged.

Due to several admirable aspects such as high paying secured jobs, immigrant-friendly democracy and diversified culture, Canada is becoming the first most preference of immigrants to stay and settle. Over about 2,50,000 people are migrating to Canada on an annual basis.

All the cities in Canada specified below have some common plus points for immigration. With a well-payed job, secured job and affordable rental rates, these cities are the prime precedence for residing in Canada. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the most popular cities for the immigrants.

1. Vancouver, British Columbia

Surrounded by water around and having a classical moderate climate, it is one of the popular city to settle for the immigrants of Asia and Chinese countries. Having an active cultural center and various social networking spots it is one of the best living places.

With a growing economy and diversified culture, Vancouver is the best place to reside on the western coast.

2. Burlington, Ontario

Being one of the wealthiest city in Canada, the city is situated close to Toronto. For quality living with prime security and low crime rates, it is the best place to live in Canada for immigrants. Specifically for industrialist and service class occupation in sales domain, it is an ideal place.

For the individual rooms the rent is low and affordable as compared to rent of apartments. The city offers good pay-scale to the people as compared to the nearby province.

3. Toronto, Ontario

It is one of the most populous city of Canada as it consists of 50 % foreign-born persons. At present, according to recent data collection reports there are 26 %  people who are South-Asian, 25 % Chinese and 18% black residing in Toronto.

The average income of all the employees have been on an increased scale since 2010. The problem of unemployment has completely vanished. As the income earned by people is good, so are the expenses.

The rent and other things are too much costly but with a top-notch salary getting credited in your account on monthly basis your heart and mind will reside in the beautiful places of Canada.

4. Mississauga, Ontario

According to safety and low costing of living as compared to other cities, Mississauga is becoming the first preference of immigrants.

Around 50% of the entire population of Mississauga consist of immigrants. Mississauga is having a prime location and it hardly takes 30 minutes from Toronto to reach Mississauga.

5. Richmond, British Columbia

The average income of people living in Richmond is higher than other cities. Calculating the expenses the costing of houses for rent purpose is low as well as it is 30 minutes journey from Vancouver city center place.

About 60 % of the population residing in Richmond is of immigrants. Real estate industries are blooming in this city and offering employment to a number of skillful persons.

Richmond is an area considered for wealthy persons and the city is offering highest employment.