21st Feb, 2018 Visitor Visa, All

Countless offices have been set-up all over the world that provides counseling services, guidance and support on immigration and Visa, a majority of which are located in India.

To act ethically well, to provide proper guidance, whether to take on a client case, where to release data, the importance of private and confidential matters and to make a decision that suits the client requirements along with ensuring that requirements are met, are the major a part of taking an honorable decision.

Approaching a visa consultancy office in India has become a threat these days, with the number of frauds happening with clients. Least once a week, there is a news headline that states the fraudulent immigration office has done and wandered off with a huge amount of money.

Many times these agents not only charge you high fees, but also provide you with insufficient, and misleading information. Those are the people, who are there for making money and are not at all bothered about the negative effects of their business.

The various drawbacks of this are as follows:

  1. The huge amount of hard earned money is at stake, or in most of the cases lost.
  2. Secondly, yet most importantly, you lose hope and it brings one’s own moral down as an individual.
  3. The trust is lost between an immigration lawyer and the client thereafter.
  4. Dreams are shattered big time.
  5. Waste your valuable time.
Therefore, as a consultancy service provider, ethical values and honesty play a vital role.

Prospering immigration service providers are well versed with all the rules and regulation, norms and the procedures to be followed for different countries and their visa categories. They also have to ensure they keep up-to-date with latest news and updates on those procedures and new laws that affect visa processes.

There is step by step guidelines provided using which these officers evaluate a chance of person hoping to migrate can be satisfied. Hence it is very important to secure your application through a consultant.

Here, is where the role of consultant comes into place. His personal ethical values along with company’s code of conduct are at stake when he is going through a process of evaluating the chances of a person wanting to migrate with the category he wishes to apply for.

Very likely, there will be cases where the client will have to suggest a different route to follow for migrating to the same country he/she wishes. And many times he might have to change the country for the same category. The possibility of a person not being able to migrate due to certain conditions can never be ignored. The least case where the expense involved may be higher or lower to expectation arise.

It is also very important to prepare a process, following which one can decide about taking a final decision. Whether it is work permit, student visa, a normal visitor visa, or PR visas.

Clients come with great hope as they have big dreams, hence it is very important to be loyal and honest about their evaluated results. As a person, we have no right to play with other people’s dream and secondly being an organization that provides guidance and support, there may be a threat of losing the business.

It is not only all about providing right guidance, procedure, and formalities, but very importantly being honest about the client's profile and his chances to succeed, as to he qualifies or not. If the case is workable or not.

Being honest about this opinion matters a lot. As immigration consultancy is not a money-making business but satisfactory customer based business.

The happier a client is with our honesty about his assessment, guidance for the program, managing his work, and overall support, the more referrals we get from them which in turn widens our business.

Hence, being honest about client review is necessary. Keeping up with not only company’s code of conduct also one’s own ethics are necessary for this field.

We see a majority of businesses now setting up a code of conduct in order to set targeted guidelines to be followed which maintains their business goals and also clients are looked after in a more formal manner.

At OSI Visa Consultant, Snehal Patel and Snehal Kothari have more than 5+ Years of experience in immigration field and are extremely concerned about the way they work. They have a precise process structure that needs to be followed by every team member at any of their office.

Hence nulling down the chances of misleading or misguiding clients. They provide a very honest opinion about their client and hence have a success ratio which is purely reference based. Secondly, making money is not the prime purpose of their business but being genuine is.

They have refused taking cases where the chances of getting visas are low and have often directed a different path to clients because the capability securing visa approval for more in the criteria other than clients interest.

They regularly revise and update the processes to be followed and ensure their team follows those strictly by deeply monitoring using the Task Management system. Reports not only help them in ensuring maintenance of an ethical code of conduct but also helps them reward their team for extra efforts and timely managed work-flow.