11th Jan, 2019 PR Visa, Canada

The Saskatchewan is one of the significant provinces of Canada with solid economy, gigantic foundation, and high expectation for everyday comforts, abundant openings for jobs, and so forth, which fascinate the vast majority of the migrants here in the province.

The SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) of Canada is a standout amongst the most prominent Immigration Programs of Canada. Thousands of immigration candidates apply for the SINP cycles each year for different categories of the SINP. Each of these classifications may have at least one sub-classification.

The SINP accepts applications under the following classifications:

  1. International Skilled Worker
  2. Saskatchewan Experience
  3. Entrepreneur and Farm
Let’s elaborate on each classification to know if the SINP is the right choice or not:

1. International Skilled Worker:

This classification accepts applications from skilled workers who intend to live and work in the Province of Saskatchewan. Applicants are estimated based on a points system and can be nominated under one of the three sub-classification.

a) International Skilled Worker (ISW)– Employment Offer: This subclass is for skilled workers with a skilled job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.

b) International Skilled Worker (ISW)– Occupation–In–Demand: This subclass is for extremely skilled workers with experience in an In-Demand occupation in Saskatchewan, who don't yet have a job offer in the province.

c) International Skilled Worker (ISW)– Saskatchewan Express Entry: This sub-classification empowers the province to nominate people who are as of now in Express Entry pool and have skilled work experience in an In-Demand occupation in Saskatchewan.

2. Saskatchewan Experience:

This classification is for foreign workers that are at present living in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Experience Category acknowledges applications under the following sub-classifications:

a) Existing Work Permit: This subclass is for people who have been working in Saskatchewan for somewhere around a half year under a valid work permit.

b) Health Professionals: This subclass is for people who have worked as a physician, a nurse, or in another health profession in Saskatchewan for somewhere around a half year.

c) Hospitality Sector Project: This sub-classification is for people that are at present working in Saskatchewan as Food and Beverage servers, Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, or housekeeping and cleaning staff for something like a half year. The employer must get approval from the Province of Saskatchewan before the candidate starts working in Canada.

d) Long Haul Truck Driver Project: This sub-classification is for people who are as of now working for an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan. Drivers must work in Saskatchewan for their current employer and for at least a half year before applying.

e) Students: This sub-classification is for students who have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada. Among the prerequisites, the students should have worked in Saskatchewan for no less than two years before applying or for a half year if the institution is in Saskatchewan.

3. Entrepreneur and Farm:

This classification is for people who wish to own and effectively operate a business or farming operation in Saskatchewan.

a) Entrepreneur: This sub-classification is for people who wish to put administration ability and capital in Saskatchewan by building up, gaining, or partnering in business the province. Applicants are expected to take on active administration role in the business.

b) Farm Owners and Operators: This sub-classification is for experienced farmers with significant capital looking to invest in a farming operation and settle in the province of Saskatchewan.