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The IT sector is blooming all around the world and Australia is no longer an exception to it. Although, we can say that there are too many fluctuations in the IT field due to the advanced technologies. But, if we are pin-pointedly looking at the Australian IT market, then the facts and figures are quite astonishing to make us feel surprised.

The Australian IT sector is consistently flowing upwards and it is predicted to follow the same fashion in the future too.

As far as the salary review in Australia is given attention, the companies are offering top-notch salaries to their employees.

Australia is one among the very few places where the IT graduates below the age of 25 years are widely invited for a large number of job opportunities.

According to the Australian IT salary survey here are the top four IT professionals that are highly paid in Australia:

1. Testing Engineer

Testing Engineer is the foremost choice of every IT graduate to pursue their career. Even, the Australian companies to have shortage of these skilled engineers. As per the job profile the testing engineers have to do passionate work of handling the entire project planning, designing of product and evaluation of the software developed by the developers.

It is a very interesting field that upgrades the knowledge about high technology and makes you learn something new every day. Perth- the capital city of Western Australia is offering the highest pay-scale for fresher as well as experienced testing engineer.

2. Software Engineer

Australia is the number one place for the software engineers who want high pay scale IT jobs. If you are having knowledge of networking, operating systems, databases and application, then without any hesitation, you can apply for software engineer profile.

There are thousands of job opening for software engineer in Sydney for the freshers as well as software development manager.

Salary chart for IT job in Australia

3. Application Developer

If doing coding and building prototypes is the spirit and excitement that drills you, the application developer is the profession that will exhilarate you. Although, Perth is the best place to live if you are an app developer as the salary part is concern.

But, Sydney also gives you a pool of opportunities to live and work over there. As compared to Perth city, Sydney is more preferred by IT graduates due to less living expenses.

4. Supporting Analyst

If you are an IT graduate and are seeking to get an entry in the corporate world, then it’s a golden opportunity for you to become a support analyst in any multinational company. The job role at this designation is to work with the technical team in the back-end.

In Australia, there is a very high demand for these short-skilled persons. Sydney and Perth are the top-notch cities that are giving huge amount of salary for these job profiles.

It is very likely that you will love working in Australia as Australian companies follow the same trends of salary guides as of U.K. based organization.

For every employee, they have a fixed working hours i.e. 39 hours per week and it is compulsory for each employer to give four weeks leave in a year to the workers working under him.