11th Feb, 2019 PR Visa, Canada

Prince Edward Island (PEI), which comprises of the island itself and a few encompassing isles, is Canada's smallest province. PEI is famous not just for its lush farmland and lovely coasts, yet it is additionally home to a thriving economy focused on agriculture, tourism, and fishing.

The Prince Edward Island's Provincial Nominee Program is PEI PNP. Through this program, potential immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may get a Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will enable that foreign national to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence with processing times that are quicker than other Canadian immigration classes.

The PEI PNP acknowledges applications under three noteworthy migration classes:

  1. PEI PNP Express Entry
  2. Labor Impact Category
  3. Business Impact Category

1. PEI PNP Express Entry:

Applicants who are qualified to enter the Express Entry pool and are interested in living and working in Prince Edward Island may apply to the PEI PNP Express Entry Category. Qualified candidates may get advantage by processing times of a half year or less. The PEI PNP does not ensure that all Express Entry profiles submitted will be surveyed or acknowledged. Just those candidates with skills matching current recognized labor requirements for the province will be considered.

2. Labor Impact Category:

The province acknowledges applications under this classification from people who have skills and experience that are required in PEI's labor market. This classification is partitioned into three streams. They are as per the following:

a) Skilled Worker Stream:

This stream is for laborers who have been recognized or hired by a PEI employer. To apply to this stream, an individual must be either right now working in PEI or have a job offer from an employer in the province. Qualified candidates will work in a skilled profession and have significant experience and somewhere around a post-secondary degree or diploma.

b) Skilled Worker outside Canada Stream:

The PEI Skilled Worker stream is employer-driven, enabling Island employers to fill high-skilled positions that they can't fill through the local job market. To apply under this stream, applicant should have a full-time long term job offer from PEI employer in NOC 0, A or B.

c) Critical Worker Stream:

This stream is for laborers who have just been hired by a PEI employer, and whose employer might want to support them for permanent residency. Qualified candidates can work in a semi-skilled or unskilled profession.

d) International Graduate Stream:

This stream is for recent graduates from recognized accredited Prince Edward Island colleges and universities who have just been hired by a PEI employer. Qualified candidates will work in a skilled profession in their field of study.

3. Business Impact Category:

The area acknowledges applications under this class from people who wish to put resources into and effectively deal with a PEI business.

a) Work Permit Stream:

On the off chance that applicants are keen on moving to Prince Edward Island and might want to invest into and run a business, applicant might get nominated for a nomination for permanent residency through the Work Permit Stream of the PEI PNP. This stream is for foreign nationals with business ownership or extensive management experience who might want to move to PEI to start their business, and in the end become a Permanent Resident.

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