20th Mar, 2018 Visitor Visa, All

The Origin of counseling in Visa procedure came from the 1960’s when a large number of tradesmen, business professionals, highly skilled and qualified people started migrating from Asia and Latin America to the USA, Canada, and Europe.

These developed nations need highly skilled people and have quite strict and complicated rules for immigration and visa processes. To help aid people who need clarity regarding the visa and immigration rules of various countries, this concept of immigration consultancies had come forward.

Consultants are actually licensed bodies who provide legal service for migrating from one country to another by meeting guidelines and confidently carrying out step by step procedure for the same. People intending to migrate prefer counseling as it makes the process feel hassle-free.

The counselors assess your profile and background to ensure they give right and correct guidance.

They have to regularly keep themselves updated with latest news releases from various immigration bodies like CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), Department of Immigration and Border Protection(DIBP) of Australia, MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment, New Zealand).

These migration experts regularly update themselves with all the relevant updates regarding migration procedures for specific countries.

They hold in-depth knowledge about the same and are carrying out these procedures day in day out. Hence they have an expertise in identifying the possible threats and working out risk-free processes.

People have dreams to explore the world. There are procedures to follow before for applying to visit or migrate to that country.

Counselors have expertise in working different types of profiles under same criteria, makes them confident in giving an honest opinion about your profile.

The governed body for any immigration services is not allowed to directly communicate or advice people in any manner. Hence, these licensed authorities play a role on behalf of them to provide guidance and support.