20th Mar, 2018 Student Visa, U.S.A

One of the major reasons why students decide to pursue their higher education in the USA is due to the fact that they can extend their post-study stay by acquiring a work visa. H1-B program, the only visa program that allows working after study in the USA. Recently, under “the Trump Regime”, strict H1-B regulations are being imposed and there are historical reasons behind them.

USA came up with the H1-B program which invites skilled foreign individuals to fill the talent gap within the local market. Initially, the program was smoothly running without it being misused in any terms but later some foreign IT firms started misusing this program by providing cheap labor which replaced the local jobs in America.

After Trump being appointed as the president of USA, anti-immigration sentiment is at peak and regulations on the H1-B program have come into effect.

A number of changes have been proposed under Trump administration to ensure the H1-B program is not being misused. Majority of these regulations are trying to scrutinize H1-B regulations overall so that the misuse can be avoided.

Increasing scrutiny is deemed anti-immigrant but in reality, this is going to help talented foreign individuals. Previously there were cases where due to a lottery system, a highly skilled foreign student might not get the H1-B after finishing his study.

But now due to new regulations, IT consulting firms supplying cheap labor directly is going to be restricted. Hence, more students will get the benefit of H1-B. So this, in fact, will work as a blessing in disguise for students willing to pursue higher studies in the USA.

Although it seems like the Trump government is anti-immigrant, yet some Republican senators (from the same party as Trump) have proposed a new bill to increase H1-B quota from 65,000 to 85,000.

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Hence, it is a win-win situation for students who have a focused goal. H1-B regulations might not affect them, rather it would work in their favor if they are talented enough.