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An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is a document that authenticates the Canadian equivalence of a foreign diploma, degree, certificate, or other evidence of education certification.

The ECA report states whether a person's educational credential is equivalent to Canadian standards, and is substantial for the purposes behind Canadian migration. In the event that the ECA report expresses that the foreign educational credential is equivalent, the individual may incorporate the information in his or her Express Entry profile.

Who requires an ECA?

Applicants who wish to be considered under the Federal Skilled Worker Program are required to have an ECA before entering the Express Entry pool, except if their educational credential was acquired from an organization in Canada.

Applicants who wish to be considered under the Federal Skilled Trades Program or Canadian Experience Program are not required to get an ECA. Be that as it may, in the event that they wish to acquire focuses for their remote instructive accreditation under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), an ECA is required. A higher CRS score is probably going to increase a person's probabilities of being drawn from the pool.

The spouse of an applicant for any of the programs oversaw under the Express Entry framework should likewise acquire an ECA for his or her foreign education in the event that applicant wishes to claim CRS points. An ECA isn't mandatory for an accompanying spouse; however, no points might be awarded without giving an ECA.

Applicant and his or her spouse (if applicable) must get an ECA for every certification for which he or she desires to claim points.

Obtaining an ECA

With the end goal to acquire an ECA report, an applicant (and his or her accompanying spouse, if applicable) submits the required documents to an organization assigned by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). These organizations work freely of the legislature of Canada. Required documents may incorporate transcripts and certificates.

Regulatory bodies:

IRCC will just acknowledge ECAs from designated organizations:

1. World Education Services (WES):

World Education Services (WES) gives Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) for educational credential earned outside of Canada. The IRCC expects foreigners to process their ECA before applying for any immigration programs. WES gives the assessment to aspiring immigrants as well as to foreign students willing to seek after further education in Canada.

2. International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS):

The IQAS is an Alberta based government service. IQAS is an administration assigned by the legislature of Canada to give ECA for immigration.  An ECA issued through IQAS can be utilized for the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program. Persons looking for Immigration to Canada can apply for IQAS.

3. International Credential Assessment Services of Canada (ICAS):

The Assessment Reports prepared by ICAS portrays the education pursued outside Canada and how it fairs against Ontario/Canada standards. In ICAS, an applicant’s secondary and postsecondary education accomplishments are taken into consideration.

An ICAS Assess Report will only be able to form a positive report if:

  • Applicant is living in Canada yet has pursued all or a portion of his education abroad.
  • The applicant isn't a Canada resident yet chooses to seek after education or work in Canada.
  • An applicant is hoping to move to Canada.
  • Applicant has pursued education from any province of Canada yet requires Ontario credentials for education or employment.
  • Applicant is living in Canada however is looking for education in different countries.

4. International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES):

The ICES is the education credential evaluation service benefit assigned by CIC for immigration purposes. In spite of the fact that ICES assesses various educations, there is as yet certain education that ICES does not cover.

The ICES does not cover trade qualifications, military training, professional licensing, apprenticeships, and non-recognized foundations.

5. Medical Council of Canada (MCC):

Applicants who have finished their medical studies commonly get their educational credential assessed by Medical Council of Canada (MCC). Applicants are required to have their medical degree or diploma source checked.

With a proved medicinal degree or diploma, an applicant can request for an ECA report.

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