11th Mar, 2019 PR Visa, Canada

  • Canada immigration authorities extending its Atlantic Immigration Pilot for 2 years, to December 2021.
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is operated in partnership between the government and the provinces of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.
  • The AIP allows the designated employers to hire foreign skilled workers and international graduates of universities and colleges in those provinces.
  • The AIP also increase its annual allotment of new admissions to Canada through this pilot program by 500 more spaces.
  • The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is the main corner of the Atlantic Canada region’s growth strategy.
  • Some changes will also be made in Atlantic Immigration Pilot program to make it better suited to the needs of candidates and employers.
The Changes which will cover in AIP is described below

The Changes which will cover in AIP is described below:

  1. Previously International graduates had only 12 months for apply, within 12 months they need to apply but from now International graduates have 24 months post-graduation for apply so Canada ministry said that from now it can increase number of the international graduates to apply in AIP for the PR application process.
  2. Employers can fill vacancies by hiring internationally trained nurses to work in the Healthcare sector as continuous care and home care support workers.
  3. Through the AIP the Atlantic provinces will have new authority to focus on in-demand labour market needs.
  4. From the beginning of May 1, 2019,0 IRCC will require that applicants who meet the language, education and work experience requirements of the AIP prior to being approved for a work permit.
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  • According to the IRCC, 1,896 employers in the Atlantic Canada region made 3,729 job offers to skilled workers and international graduates through the AIP since 2017 in which it launched and also 2,535 principal applicants and their families have been approved for PR.
  • A major advantage of the AIP is only that the designated employers do not have to go through any long time wasted process for jobs supported under the pilot program.
  • To be eligible, foreign workers must have a full-time job offer from the designated employer and have a full-time (or part-time equivalent) payment experience in the profession designated skill type 0, skill level, at least one year. A or Skill Level B under Canada's National Professional Classification (NOC).
  • The innovative AIP targets help employers target candidates who want to build their life in the Atlantic region through a process showing settlement plans and provincial recommendations.
There are few programs which operate under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which target different types of candidates. To learn more about eligibility prerequisites for this Atlantic Immigration Pilot program under any of that program, visit us at OSI Visa & Immigration Consultancy.