22nd Oct, 2018 Visitor Visa, Canada

British Columbia is additionally a standout amongst the most various provinces in all of Canada. British Columbia's economy centers around a strong natural resources division, with a prominence on forestry and mining. Its natural environment, with far reaching woods and a one of a kind seaside atmosphere, is eminent as a standout amongst the loveliest in Canada, and surely the world.

British Columbia is one of the provinces with a PNP (BC PNP) that is tailored to the distinctive opportunities in the province. The BC PNP looks for high demand foreign workers and entrepreneurs to help meet the employment needs of its various economic divisions. Under this program, applicants with the skills and experience focused by the state may get a British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate, that applicant are further permitted to apply for Canadian PR.

BCPNP has three possible ways, each of which has different categories. These pathways are Skills Immigration, Express Entry BC, and Entrepreneur Immigration.

Skills Immigration

To apply under this pathway, an individual must have a legitimate, full time job offer that has no set end date (not a contract job). The special case to this necessity is somebody applying under the International Post-Graduate classification.

The application is paper-based and candidate can apply under one of five categories:

  • Skilled Worker: Skilled Worker is a base classification that is available to workers who have a post-secondary education and work experience in a skilled position. However, for a person to be qualified for this classification they are required to have a legitimate a valid job offer from a BC employer.
  • Healthcare Professional: Under these classification individuals with experience and eligible job offers, as physicians, nurses, or allied health professionals may apply. An eligible job offer must be gained for one of 11 qualifying health occupations.
  • International Graduate: This class is for people who have graduated from an eligible Canadian university or college over the most recent three years. A job offer must be acquired from a BC employer to be qualified under this sub-classification.
  • International Post-Graduate: This classification is for graduates with Masters or Doctoral degrees from an authorized educational institution in British Columbia. Under this sub-classification no job offer is required to apply.
  • Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled: Candidate must have legitimate experience in the tourism/hospitality, whole deal trucking, or food processing enterprises.

Express Entry British Columbia:

This online application pathway is connected to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Express Entry System, which can bring about speedier processing yet candidates need to meet the IRCC's Express Entry necessities. The objective is to fill high demand occupations in the province with workers who have the essential abilities and experience.

The four categories under this pathway are:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Healthcare Professional
  • International Graduate
  • International Post-Graduate

Entrepreneur Immigration:

Directed to people who want to begin a business and invest in British Columbia, this pathway has both individual and business criteria for candidates to meet. From a business viewpoint, candidates can announce either an enthusiasm for purchasing/becoming partners in a current business with the aim to develop it, or an enthusiasm for beginning another venture. The BC PNP will ask for the business plan that shows how the business will develop, utilize laborers, and add to BC's economy.

BC PNP Tech Pilot:

Launched in 2017, the BC PNP Tech Pilot came about due to the fact that the demand for talent in BC's tech part is expanding speedier than the supply. The program supports the desirability of skilled workers and to fulfill the demand for tech talent by increasing BC's talent pool of skilled workers. The stream targets 32 in-demand occupations by issuing weekly invitations to apply. The BC PNP Tech pilot is being extended until June 2019.