4th Mar, 2019 PR Visa, Canada

Immigrating or shifting to Canada is the dream of many persons from over the globe. The country is known for its educational system, an assortment of job offers, stunning views, and multicultural society. Numerous students wish to stay in Canada and work after the completion of their studies.

Individuals wish to immigrate to Canada due to its developing economical rate, astonishing government services and a higher standard of living. You can apply for Canada visa with the assistance of experts as they will have the capacity to legitimize the errand well.

On the off chance that you have done all that you could to present a solid Canada visa file, have still received a rejection, at that point don't stress, you can, in any case, re-apply for the same. Or you might have already applied and wants to find out what’s happening in your application?

Immigration offices outside Canada keep up the records in a Computer-Aided Immigration Processing System (CAIPS), a database related to the Applications processed. CAIPS services can assist you with ordering CAIPS and solve half of your visa rejection issue.

GCMS is the more current adaptation of CAIPS which is utilized by the vast majority of the Canada visa offices over the globe. CAIPS services assist you with finding out the accurate explanations for rejection and the factor prompting a delay in the visa procedure. Following are a couple of demonstrated advantages of requesting CAIPS:

Reasons behind the delay: You can know the purposes behind the delay in the CAIPS file. There is a section called "notes" wherein the official records a couple of points that leads to rejection. You need to peruse them deliberately and ensure you justify yourself.

What caused the Rejection: There can be numerous or only one explanation behind your visa rejection. Before you re-apply you will need to comprehend what turned out badly before with the goal that you don't rehash the misstep. When you know the precise reason, keep away from it amid re-application and cross-check the visa application twice before submitting.

Benefits in re-application of the visa: CAIPS clears each of the questions in regards to your visa letting you submit an improved re-application. Attempt to provide evidence for all kinds of information referenced in the application.

Saves time and financial resources: Getting CAIPS services after your first rejection is insightful with the goal that you don't get rejected because of a similar reason once more. Applying for a visa, over and over, will be tedious. It is encouraged to get it straight the second time by requesting CAIPS file.

Additional documents are required and why: Officers as a rule request extra records on the off chance that they aren't happy with the ones you have submitted. They can likewise request for detailed information to study in depth to endorse your visa.

Above are the few benefits of requesting CAIPS. You can apply for CAIPS notes online with the assistance of OSI Visa & Immigration Consultants. You will get benefits from our experts who have managed various CAIPS application. They can also recommend tips to re-apply effectively increasing the chances of approval.