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PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) as the name propose are the immigration programs, which permit the different provinces across Canada to select the immigrants, suitable for its labor market and economy. The Candidate who wishes to move and settle in a particular province of Canada can apply in the particular PNP programs.

Every province selects a candidates based on its own needs, criteria and parameters and therefore each provinces has different set of prerequisites as well. The Quebec Province isn't enlisted in PNP programs as it has its own selection criteria and framework to choose immigrants for its province. All provinces have an agreement with IRCC (Immigration Citizenship Refugee Canada) that grants them to pick permanent residents for their own province.

How to apply in a Provincial Nominee Program?

There are two basic ways to apply for a PNP Program of a specific province in Canada:

    1. Apply to a PNP directly: Applicant have selected a province in Canada to settle, where they can directly apply in its Provincial Nominee Program. In direct PNP application, here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Select a Province and apply in its PNP program.
  • Fulfill the eligibility criteria and fill the form
  • Get nominated from that province
  • Receive a Nomination letter
  • Apply for permanent residency status in Canada to IRCC.

    2. Apply via Express Entry System: While registering for a new express entry profile applicant can indicate a provincial interest. And once applicant makes it to the pool, your profile can be seen and chosen by the different provinces and territories of Canada. If your profile is selected by any of the province, you will get an invitation to submit your profile with the province to be considered for their program. After applicant gets nominated by province, this increase the chance of getting invitation to apply for Permanent Residency visa.

Benefits of Applying through Provincial Nominee Programs

  • Candidates have liberty to select their desired province to settle down.
  • Candidate can apply for most PNP programs without job offers.
  • Candidates’ gets additional points depending on their area of training.
  • Candidate gets nominated directly by the province instead of pool of candidates.

Basic Eligibility Criteria and Requirements of Provincial Nominee Program

So as to move to a province, one should meet with the base criteria. Each province and territory has its own particular streams and criteria for their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These can change without notice. A candidate must satisfy all the provincial program prerequisites. Criteria that provinces take into consideration may include the following:

  1. The candidate should be no less than 21 years old at the time of application.
  2. Candidates need to score the minimum eligibility score in the point assessment grid of particular province.
  3. A Candidate’s occupation must lie in category designated by the NOC Code of that province and occupation should be in-high demand.
  4. Candidates must have prerequisite work experience in the relevant profession.
  5. Each candidate needs to score at least designated grade in language proficiency tests (IELTS for English and TEF for French) according to the guidelines of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB).
  6. Candidates close relations in that province or any other provinces.
  7. Candidate’s ability to adapt life in that province.

Document Checklist for Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

Similarly as with the federal government Canadian Express Entry program, each Provincial Nominee Program expects candidates to submit relevant documents in support of their application. These documents must be submitted separately to the province, from the ones that are submitted to the Express Entry program. The documentation requirements may vary from one province to another so it will be best to visit the page of the specific province you wish to relocate to in order to know the information. So, we are presenting common required documents for a PNP:

  1. A declaration form signed by Principal Applicant and family members.
  2. Additional declaration form signed by applicant’s dependents.
  3. Documents related to applicants’ past history like previous work experience letters, educational papers, identity proofs etc.
  4. Additional documents related to applicants’ family member (parents, partner/spouse, and child).
  5. Applicants’ valid travelling documents like passport and visa with valid date.
  6. Document related to proof of Language proficiency (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, TEF etc.)
  7. Applicant’s civil or legal documents showing applicant’s name, father’s name, date of birth, birth place etc.
  8. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  9. Medical Documents
  10. Applicant’s recent photographs

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Categories

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